In Home Measurement & Planning

Starting at $599

Full service from start to finish, the process starts with an in-home visit where we provide professional measurements of your existing space and discuss your priorities and overall wish list for your new kitchen.

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Our Process

You will be assigned an experienced planner who will work with you throughout the process. It all starts with the up to 2 hour long in home visit where we make sure the accurate measurements are taken and you have the opportunity to go over all the details about your kitchen design. You will cover your wish list, the basic “do’s and don’ts” of planning a kitchen as well as discussing practical solutions for everyday life in the kitchen.

Your planner will complete the plan and send it over to you for review. We have included up to 3 revisions in this service to make sure that you have time to consider all of your options while ending up with the plan that makes the most sense for your kitchen.

This package works best if:

  • You'd like the convenience of working with a planner 1 on 1 in your home.
  • You have limited time.
  • You're in need of someone to handle the entire planning process including the in-home measurement.
  • You’re interested in a One Stop Shop, start to finish including the additional service of ordering your Kitchen and scheduling installation (additional charges would apply).

We can measure and plan it all.

Name brand quality

Ready to Assemble

Industry standard cabinets with great flexibility.

  • Pros: Little or no lead time. Modular system flexiblity.
  • Cons: Limited to stock availability. Trip to the Big box store required.
  • Lead Time: Purchased and delivered in 1 to 2 days.
  • Cost: $
Designer Craftsmanship


Elevate your kitchen with stunning fronts and other touches.
  • Pros: Amazing styles and selection. In Home planning available.
  • Cons: Slightly longer lead time. Not as cost effective..
  • Lead Time: 3-10 Weeks depending on selection.
  • Cost: $$

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