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Plan Your Space

The Deliverable is a 3D Image, Floor Plan, Elevations and a preliminary parts list for your Cabinetry, and So Much More!

We have options for every preference with Remote Planning for large and small spaces, as well as a Plan Check Service.  Please read more details below.


Here’s What’s Included in Your Cabinet Planning Appointment:

A Hand Tailored, Personalized Experience with a Professional Planner.  

Your Planner will connect with you one-on-one & will work with you from start-to-finish to make sure that you have the perfect plan. The deliverable is a 3D Image, Floor Plan, Elevations and a Preliminary Parts List for your Cabinetry. Working with someone familiar with your project ensures that your specifications and wishes don’t get misplaced. Familiarity is key.

Brand Knowledge & Expertise.

Unlike most planning services, our professionals work with a variety of brands and have additional expertise to share with you. Please take a look at our ‘styles’ page to see all the cabinet lines we work with!

A Focus on Form & Function

While we use the word: ‘Plan,’ rather than ‘Design,’ make no mistake that we dive into making sure that your cabinet layout meets criteria for both the form and the function of the space.  We will work with you to ensure the layout meets your visual expectations, while also diving into how you utilize the space and what you will need for your cabinet interiors… shelves, drawers, and more, oh my!  

Let’s Get it Right, Three Revisions are Included. 

It is rare that people need more than that.  During the first two revisions, we will change as much as you want.  The third revision we work with you to button up your plan for finalization.  If you need more, not to worry we get it, project scopes can change, there are additional revisions available for a flat fee should you need them. 

Courtesy and Understanding of Your Project Timeline. 

We understand scopes of work can change and remodel projects have a lot of moving parts.  That is why we keep your plans valid for up to a year!  Also, we will be happy to go over lead times with you for the variety of brands we work with to help you assess you project’s timeline.

Complimentary Installation Estimate. 

It is important to have an installer that knows your cabinetry brand!  Especially when selecting ready-to-assemble cabinets with custom fronts.  It is a specialized niche that is very quality, but like anything must be installed correctly.  We have hand selected a team of General Contractors with this specialty knowledge and we will be happy to connect you.  Please understand that this offer is only available in select areas and subject to regional availability. (read more)

 A Free Quote to Upgrade to Custom Cabinets.  Just ask! 

If you are unsure what brand type you want in the end, not to worry, this is a great place to start.  We begin with the most standard sizes to get you a plan that will work with any brand.  Afterwards, if you want to see what it would cost to go more custom, we will happily provide you a free estimate according to your plan and help you with next steps.

Material Referrals, Because It’s Not Just About the Cabinetry.

We are all about the cabinets, be we also know that a space is not just made up of the cabinets.  While we do not work in backsplashes, countertops, and flooring, we sure do know the people that do!  We will be happy to put you in touch with a material provider for the rest of your project needs. Also, once you have a plan finalized with us, it will help you know how many of those countertop slabs to reserve and help general contractors understand your vision for the space.

Free Samples

Depending on your selection of Door Style, you may also be eligible to get Free Samples sent directly to our door!  After Planning, you will want to consider our Personal Shopping Services, not just to ensure that you order the right parts for your project, but also for our Trade Discounts.


Do you already have a plan?

If you would like us to professionally check your existing plans, we will be happy to give it a look over.  One of our professional planners will review your current IKEA plans according to your provided measurements to ensure that it is a working plan. The deliverable is a list of suggestions and problem areas that we notice according to your provided specifications. 

Please note that if the plans require revision you may pay the difference and upgrade to a Remote Planning appointment for professional help with this!  At this time you will be able to work with your professional planner one-on-one for any needed revisions. 

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