Personal Shopper FAQ

How do I actually pay for the products? Is it secure?
You will receive a secure (PCI Compliant) payment link via email to pay for your goods. At no point will we ever ask for your Credit Card number. If you prefer to pay by check we can invoice you electronically through Quickbooks. Once the check has cleared, purchase your goods.
Can’t I just do this myself?
Absolutely, this service is offered as a convenience eliminating the need to visit the store, call a call center and coordinate home delivery dates. Additionally we monitor any promotions that happen at the store for 90 days to see if you qualify for a refund/discount.
What if I want to Return all or Part of my order?
Once your order is placed you are a customer of IKEA, Semihandmade or both and as such any returns or exchanges must be made by you. Please review the Return Policies for both prior to making your purchase.
What if I need to add to my order?
Any additional parts ordered through this service will follow standard pricing protocol as a separate order. To view the pricing breakdown click here.
What if there is a mistake on my order?
We guarantee 100% accuracy. If an item is out of stock we will notify you so that you may purchase it later when/if it arrives back in stock. If we fail to order an item that was listed on your finalized order we will send you an invoice for the item itself and pay for any shipping charge at our expense.
What happens with my home delivery? Will you receive the product? What if something is missing or damaged?
Once your order is placed you are a customer of IKEA, Semihandmade and their service provider of choice. You will receive a Home Delivery Terms & Conditions document via Docusign that you must review & sign prior to your order being placed. This includes the necessary contact information to reach the Home Delivery carrier should you have an issue but you must deal with them directly. We cannot assist with any issues pertaining to your home delivery.
How is the total order calculated?
The order total is $549. Period. We know the complexity of a kitchen is already intense so we want to make this as simple as possible.
What are your legal terms and conditions?
For complete Legal Terms and Conditions click here.