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We take great pride in surrounding ourselves with a select few, good people that chose to do business the right way. We will put you in contact with a reputable installer as part of your planning service, or as part of our plan check services, wherever regionally available.  (Subject to availability.)

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How to Prepare for your Estimate

Thank you for your interest in our Installation Network.  We’d be happy to assist you in gathering an Installation Estimate.  The SBKS installation network covers most major markets including, but not limited to: San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago, Minneapolis, New York, New Jersey and many more.  (Scroll down to see all general regional availability – subject to approval) 

Current Clients:

When you utilize our Planning and/or Purchasing services, you will be directly connected with our trusted network of installers, wherever regionally available.  Each installer is hand selected for their brand experience and expertise. You can count on a professional experience with a licensed and insured installer that will provide a competitive estimate.  Your estimate will be provided according to your finalized cabinet plan, at no cost to you. 


New Clients:

Already have a plan?  Just need an Installation Estimate?  In order to assign your project to the appropriate team and ensure your plan is ready to prepare an accurate installation estimate, we will need a Plan Review to ensure your plan is ready for next steps.  

Please note: Installation estimates are subject to approval and regional availability.  Please scroll down to our see regionally availability on the list below.

If you do not have a completed plan or would like a more indepth review, we can provide assistance with Designs & Review, and/or Purchasing Services.  


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•Available in these Select Markets •



  • California

    Southern California


    The Bay Area


  • Central Time


  • Illinois

    Chicago Area


  • Minnesota

    Minneapolis Area


  • Texas

    Houston Area


  • Eastern Time


  • Georgia



  • Connecticut 



  • Massachusetts 

    Boston Area


  • New Jersey 



  • New York

    Metro Area, Westchester County, Long Island (Nassau & Suffolk County)


  • Pennsylvania

    Philadelphia & Pittsburgh Area


We offer full Planning Services, or if you would like us to Professionally Review your existing plans, we will be happy to give it a look over!