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Community First

We believe that even as a small business it is our responsibility to make a positive impact in the community.

Food donation
Food for Kids program

The Volunteer Center South Bay – Harbor – Long Beach

Each year we identify a charitable organization in the South Bay to partner with and we are happy to announce that this year we have selected the Food for Kids program administered through The Volunteer Center South Bay-Harbor-Long Beach located in Torrance.

One Percent

Giving Back

1% of the cost of your Kitchen Installation will be donated to help feed hungry children right here in the South Bay. That means for a $2,600 install we will donate $26 to the program, enough to send 1 hungry child home with a bag of food for the weekend.

Food donation

In addition, when you are boxing up your Kitchen before installation you can choose to donate nonperishable foods from the approved list. (Note: The center cannot use any foods that are past the expiration date.)

We will take these foods to The Volunteer Center and donate them on your behalf at the start of your Kitchen Installation.